Leah Aromatherapy Skincare Review

Leah Aromatherapy Skincare

I mentioned the gorgeous Leah skincare Scrub in my 5 Favourite Summer Buys post and I'm delighted to be doing a review of this and the Patchouli and Jasmine Hand Cream here -

First of all a little information about Johann and what she does - Johann is a fully trained holistic therapist and she has a practice in Crookstown Craft Village in Co.Kildare. Her 'Leah' skincare products are made from simple organic ingredients with no parabens, colourants, synthetic perfumes or sulphates. All the products are made with love and Johann's own expertise and honestly, it really shows in the results.

The first thing I tried was the hand cream:

Leah Hand cream Patchouli Jasmine

Tub of Leah Hand Cream Patchouli Jasmine

I've been using this all week actually and I'm so impressed with it. I'm so bad at taking care of my hands - I wash them so many times when I'm making candles or pottering in the garden and always mean to pop on hand cream but somehow I never get round to it! This beautiful Patchouli and Jasmine handcream has actually made my hands way softer just in the last week - it's very rich and I've only been using this amount to cover both hands:

Cliona Cream on hand

It's more than enough and it spreads really easily but doesn't leave a greasy feel at all.  It absorbs really well and my hands feel so soft. My absolute favourite thing though, is the fragrance - it lingers for so long on my hands, I couldn't resist sniffing them constantly when I started using it :)

Priced at €12.00, it's really good value for such a quality product. It contains Organic Olive Oil and Cocoa Butter and is fantastic for hydrating the skin and nails. It's available in Patchouli & Jasmine which I tested and also Lavender, Grapefruit & Lime and also Sandalwood & Orange.

Next up is the body scrub - I'm never without a body scrub, especially during the summer months. Totally essential for keeping the skin soft and preventing ingrown hairs, I've tried loads with mixed results and always like to try a new one!

The Leah scrub that I tried is Lime & Lemongrass and oh my God, the smell is just incredible! I could actually smell it downstairs after I had used it, so fabulous.

Dead Sea Salt Scrub Lime Lemongrass Leah Skincare

Body Scrub Lime & Lemongrass

This is particularly suited to my skin, I loved the texture - sometimes body scrubs seem to have the minutest particles and you don't feel that they're actually working at all - this, however, had a great texture and worked really well as a proper scrub. The best thing, though, was that it leaves a moisturising film after using which is just perfect for my dry skin and a great way of keeping the gorgeous fragrance on the skin.
It is also available in Grapefruit & May Chang and contains Dead Sea Salts which have up to 8 times more minerals than most sea water. The almond oil has a lovely softening effect and as I mentioned, moisturises the skin beautifully.

Johann has lots more to offer in her online shop - Therapeutic Healing Shop as well as providing treatments in Crookstown Craft Village and also workshops in making your own skincare products.

Don't forget to like the Therapeutic Healing Facebook page for updates on products and workshops!

Body Scrub Hand Cream Petals

Johann Callaghan Business Card

Leah Skincare Scrub & Cream

Have a lovely weekend everyone, xx

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