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Leah Aromatherapy Skincare Review

Leah Aromatherapy Skincare I mentioned the gorgeous Leah skincare Scrub in my  5 Favourite Summer Buys  post and I'm delighted to ...

Cliona Kelliher 10 Jul, 2015

Green Cleaners - Make your Own or try some Eco Friendly Products.

This post is very much inspired by my inheriting a car which really needed a lot of freshening up :) I did take the easy route and get i...

Cliona Kelliher 13 Jun, 2015 15

Choosing a Candle

The title says it all really :) What are you looking for in a candle? Is it the scent, the colour, the presentation? I know that my choice i...

Cliona Kelliher 25 Jun, 2013