A Day at Dublin Zoo

Three Generations at the Zoo.

I've had a yearning to go to Dublin Zoo in the last week, not really sure why but it seemed like it would be a nice relaxing day and I haven't been for so long.
I also haven't attempted any lengthy driving since I've been sick so I took the plunge yesterday and drove up to Dublin to spend some time with my mum.
I brought Izzy with me and as the weather looked pretty ok this morning I decided we'd go to the zoo, even managing to persuade my mum to join us!
I can honestly say that it did me the world of good, the sunshine cheered me up no end and feeling able to get out and about without being completely exhausted has given me a new lease of life.

This is a post of few words, just a sharing of my day and a feeling of positivity :)

Purity Belle Dublin Zoo

Cliona Izzy Zoo

Mum, Margaret Dublin Zoo

These flamingos have a new area since I was last in the Zoo, their colour is phenomenal, especially when they spread their wings!

Flamingo Zoo

This little guy was just sitting in the grass, perched near a sculpture - he looked a bit like a piece of sculpture himself, so still was he.

Bird Zoo Dublin

Always a favourite, the stripey Zebra.

Zebra Dublin Zoo

Penguins were being fed when we were there...

Dublin Zoo Penguins Feeding

The Orangutangs are so amazing, they looked like wise old Buddha figures, a little bit serious but playful.

Orangutang Dublin Zoo

Seriously, look at this face :)

Orangutang Closeup Dublin Zoo

The spider monkeys had the funniest faces, they looked pretty depressed actually but were so cute.

Spider Monkey Dublin Zoo

And finally, the magnificent Rhino..

Rhino Dublin Zoo

I hope you all had as pleasant a day as I had and enjoy the rest of the weekend:)

 Coming soon will be my selection of summertime favourites from Irish Etsy Shops.

Also, if you haven't seen it already, do watch The Zoo, such a fantastic series.

All details of opening hours etc, are on the Dublin Zoo website.

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