Leah Skin Care

Flapjacks and Shortbread, egg free, nut free and delicious!

I had decided to do a lot more baking in the new year, partly because I think the sugar content is so much less if you make it yourself and ...

Cliona Kelliher 20 Jan, 2016 14

Leah Aromatherapy Skincare Review

Leah Aromatherapy Skincare I mentioned the gorgeous Leah skincare Scrub in my  5 Favourite Summer Buys  post and I'm delighted to ...

Cliona Kelliher 10 Jul, 2015

5 Favourite Summer Buys

5 Favourite Summer Buys Just that! Here are my favourite purchases of the Summer, not in any order of preference :) First up are thes...

Cliona Kelliher 5 Jul, 2015