5 Favourite Summer Buys

5 Favourite Summer Buys

Just that! Here are my favourite purchases of the Summer, not in any order of preference :)

First up are these gorgeous lanterns I bought in Tiger in Newbridge - obviously as a candle maker, I love to have pretty things to show off my tealights and these are perfect for indoors or out. I have them on a mid-window shelf at the moment in my kitchen and the light glows through them, bringing out the jewel colours.

Lanterns Tiger Stores

Glass Lanterns Tiger Stores

Next up is this gorgeous ring I bought from Valg Studio - I have been a fan of Liga's work for a long time and when I spotted a discount coupon on her Facebook page I decided I should finally treat myself. I think it's the colours again that I find so attractive in Liga's jewellery and the inspiration from nature, the flowers are delicate but still have a strong impact I think.

Adjustable Ring Valg Studios

Valg Studios Red Flower Ring

Red Flower Ring Siomha Reid

The ring here is modeled by my daughter Siomha as her hands are a little more cared for than mine :) I also should mention that the ring is adjustable which is really handy!

Next item I bought was these earrings from Zara. I love boho style any time of year, it kind of suits my lack of interest in perfect grooming and all the associated work. Summertime is the perfect time of year for boho chic though, lazy relaxed days and sun, less layers and maybe a tan.
These earrings are so cool,  good for day or night, I think they'd work with most outfits and have a little bit of an aztec feel. Also, turquoise is such a fab colour.

Another household item is next on my list, this one from Penney's. I've noticed that Penney's household products are really on my wavelength lately - it's great anyway for reasonable cushions or throws or things like handy jewellery/handbag organisers. Of late though, I've spotted lots of things that I've really fallen in love with and these little drawers are amazing! 

They're so cute, mini sized and with a little slot for a label. I haven't quite decided what to use them for yet, but it will almost certainly be craft supplies!

Last but definitely not least is this gorgeous Leah body and hand scrub from Johann of Therapeutic Healing. I'm not going to say too much about it at present because I will be doing a separate review post soon but I can tell you that it smells incredible, so tangy and fresh and is 100% natural. I picked the Lime and Lemongrass and it is also available in Grapefruit and May Chang.

Hope you've enjoyed my summer buys and if you've found any fabulous bargains, do let me know!

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