nut allergy

Food Allergy Deaths, a Perspective

I felt compelled to write something of our experience with food allergy after reading recently of 2 tragic deaths due to food allergy. Th...

Cliona Kelliher 28 Sept, 2018 15

Halloween Treats, Egg Free and Nut Free ideas.

Halloween Homemade Treats, Egg Free & Nut Free I've been experimenting with some Halloween themed baking and treat making - i...

Cliona Kelliher 25 Oct, 2015 9

Baking Day - Eggless Lemon Cupcakes and Chocolate Brownies

Today I decided to do some baking - I've been trying to find things to do for a bored 13 year old off on Summer holidays and figured t...

Cliona Kelliher 4 Jul, 2015 13