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I have to confess, Halloween has never been my favourite season, possibly because, even as a kid, the pressure to come up with a clever costume would send me into a state of stress :) I’m somewhat thawing out as I get older but as I have a little girl with a nut allergy, there’s still a certain amount of tension involved.
However in the spirit of Samhain I decided I’d gather together some cool decorating ideas and recipes for you all to enjoy. (Check out some more interesting Samhain information here - Newgrange )

First of all, these luminaries really caught my eye, a step up from the orange paper covered jars but not much harder 


Also my husband made these last year, not much work involved and they’ll be brought out for years to come I’d say :)  

Handmade decoration, punched holes in tin cans. Boo!


And for some pumpkin carving ideas check out this site - Pumpkin Carving

We normally have pumpkin soup, one of my favourite Autumn soups, sweet and spicy – here’s a lovely recipe I found, similar to the one we usually use, I think a little bit of ginger makes it extra delicious  -http://goodfoodireland.ie/recipe/pumpkin-soup/2937
Or you can try this recipe by Dee of Greenside Up and check out her blog while you’re at it - http://greensideup.ie/squash-soup-recipe/

And to drink? Well it’s got to be Cider :) French Cider is my favourite, very different to the overly sweet brands we normally buy in Ireland. Lidl recently had some Breton cider, hopefully they'll have it in again soon! – failing that, I managed to find this French Cider online.

We drink ours out of these beautiful cider cups I bought in Normandy many years ago. We fill up the jug with lovely cold cider and add lots of chunks of apple for extra flavour.

As for my own bugbear, costumes, I've had a look at these sites and there are some great ideas, I won’t be trying any of them but feel free to give it a go yourself!
Halloween Costumes
Halloween Costumes

Last but not least, what is Halloween without candles?? Check out my shop if you would like to purchase Tea-Lights for all the lovely lanterns you’ll have. If you want a larger candle, check out this one - Spiced Nutmeg Jar – it’s a particularly nice fragrance for Autumn – I have made a stock for Xmas season but I have been burning one in my living room for the last while and it’s warm and comforting, I just love it :)
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  • Unknown
    Unknown 13 October 2013 at 23:31

    Hi Cliona, great creative Halloween tips and directions here. Would like to try the Pumpkin Soup recipe.

  • Cliona Kelliher
    Cliona Kelliher 14 October 2013 at 09:07

    Thanks Liga, love pumpkin soup myself!

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