I'm just back from an amazing break in Donegal and feeling quite rejuvenated - it's such a beautiful place with stunning scenery and so peaceful. I try to get there every year and swim as much as I can and had the incredible experience of seeing basking sharks this year. It was something else, they were so majestic in the water, definitely a highlight for me! Photos of some of the places we visited below:

Beautiful lake at Solis, County Donegal
 As it was my birthday too we had lunch at the fabulous Solis on Lough Eske (pictured left) - gorgeous food and a great place for a walk too.
We went swimming every day too, a different beach each day and all of them fabulous.  If you haven't been to Donegal before, I'd really recommend it.
Since I've come back though, I'm definitely feeling Autumn in the air.  It's always been my favourite time of year, the gentle transition from end of Summer into the Winter days - I love the cooler air and the autumn colours. I'm also thinking ahead to the busy season, don't want to mention it too much yet as it's very far from the minds of most people right now. However, when you're a crafter, a lot of planning ahead is needed and I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking about the C word ;)

I have one new scent available now - Lemon Mousse. I have yet to make them and test but the smell is fab. I've also tested the White Tea and Sage tin candle - it's a really nice fragrance, quite light but not too sweet. I'd consider it to be a floral fragrance but not one of the heavier ones, just fresh and delicate. This is available from my shop and I will have the Lemon Mousse up there soon also.

I've also been busy preparing for the Kilcullen River Festival, making sure I have lots of stock. It's only been running a few years but every year has been great, lots for the whole family and a great atmosphere. It always makes me feel that I'm part of a great community. 
And now I'm off to order schoolbooks - an autumn task that's not much fun but has to be done :)

Beach in south Donegal, Ireland

Another beautiful Donegal Beach

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  • Unknown
    Unknown 16 August 2013 at 17:47

    lovely post Cliona and beautiful pics ... you have me thinking about a short break there. I love autumn too ... its my favourite. I love the fact that it is still bright, blue skies and lush but without the intense heat! Roll on the falling leaves and golden vista ! x

  • Cliona Kelliher
    Cliona Kelliher 16 August 2013 at 18:19

    Thanks Mary - I'd definitely recommend Donegal, we've been going there for years and see something new every time, fabulous place :)

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