Getting the Balance Right

I have been thinking about this a lot recently for many reasons. Firstly I’m a parent which automatically cuts ‘me time’ to a minimum! Then factor in a 3 day nine to five job and my candle business and there’s not much left over at all :)
I read an article the other day describing the characteristics of successful women and was struck by the fact that making time for themselves was a factor common to all. Is it that you think better and perform better if you have time to relax? Or perhaps that in order to be successful, you become more adept at organising your time and energy?
I suppose I’ve felt for a long time that I have to be working every spare minute and available all the time in case I miss an opportunity or fall behind.  Inevitably though, this creates stress and worry, and a feeling that I don’t have enough time for my family or myself.  
Also I can’t forget to mention the demon Smartphone syndrome – I find myself checking emails late at night and early in the morning, updating Facebook and having a browse through pinterest and sending the odd tweet. Then there’s Instagram, Word games (which I love!), LinkedIn – the list is endless!
With all that in mind and despite the fact that I will have loads of work to do in the coming months, I’ve decided to carve out a little bit more time for myself. Also I’ll be doing my best to set aside some screen free time – my daughter attends a Waldorf school - Kildare Steiner School which has a big emphasis on minimum screen time and maximum outdoor /hands on time. I'm feeling at the moment that we'd all be better off with less time on devices and more time talking/interracing with one another
Please let me know if you have any tips or can relate :)
Maybe we all need some time to appreciate the little things -

Butterfly in garden
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  • DeeB
    DeeB 26 September 2013 at 01:16

    That's beautifully written Cliona, frankly I have no idea how you do it all so I've no helpful suggestions to give - you're way ahead of me on fitting lots in and making it look easy to be a wonderful mum in a lovely family, a fantastic creative business & craftswoman, gardening , growing food as well as the other work and fitting in zumba, and facebook, and word games!!! Quite honestly I'm in awe so in addition to appreciating the small things I think a big session of self-appreciation is called for ;)

  • Cliona Kelliher
    Cliona Kelliher 26 September 2013 at 10:42

    Aw, thanks Dee, much appreciated! Friends are the best :)

  • Unknown
    Unknown 26 September 2013 at 23:19

    Hi Cliona ...I struggle with this all the time! Please let me know if anyone comes up with a plan ! I have debated this over and over with anyone who will listen ! And my 3 children are adults ... I dont know how you do it ... I would highly recommend you continue to strive for 'the balance'. You will work it out as you go along. Your balance will emerge eventually ... :)

  • Cliona Kelliher
    Cliona Kelliher 27 September 2013 at 10:11

    Thanks Mary, I think realising that I need to find it is the first step although already this morning I'm panicking about the amount of stuff I need to do! Will have to be firm with myself :)

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 30 September 2013 at 22:50

    im a non-parent so i cant say i can relae to the difficulty of parenting but i do have a husband and two cats who rely on me and my time management.
    i think whether youre actually busy or not, women have found it difficult to justify giving themselves time away from caring for others, specifically those they love.
    we have been taught to be the keepers of all and be martyrs but to what end?
    its nice to finally see women taking and making time for themselves! we need to support eachother in this.
    i know one of my bestfriend feels very strongly about 'me time'. i think you might find support in her blog too....

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