Some Eco Craft Ideas for Christmas

Part of the fun of Christmas in this house has always been making things and I love taking out the decorations each year and seeing things that we've all made. It's a great way of getting kids and young adults involved and creating traditions that last forever. Even if you're not crafty, there are some super easy things to do so I thought I'd share some ideas with you.
One thing we've done a few times is dried oranges, they look and smell lovely and can be composted afterwards - check out this link for instructions and some ideas on how to use them Dried Oranges.

I also found heaps of Christmas craft ideas on this pinterest board Upcycled Christmas

These gorgeous little lanterns are the idea of Fiona from Hunter's Lodge who I follow on twitter

Check out her instructions here Fiona Dillon Writes.

Some of the things we've made over the years are felt decorations -
Felted handmade christmas decoration
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Transparent stars -
Waldorf style window star made from waxed paper

The stars look amazing on a window, the light shines through them and they can be kept for years. The one above was photographed a few years ago when we actually had snow for Christmas :)
They can be a little bit tricky to make initially but once you get the hang of it, you won't want to stop!
Here's a video tutorial I found on YouTube for these - Window Stars

And of course I can't forget cards and wrapping paper - I know wrapping paper is cheap and cheerful usually but I often use brown paper and stamp/decorate it myself as below. This was for a birthday but you can pretty much do anything you like and go crazy for Christmas :)
Handmade gift wrapping using brown paper and crafted paper flower

I've used cloth, newspaper, old magazines for wrapping, in fact I really don't buy wrapping paper anymore apart from my roll of brown paper.
For some more ideas, have a look at Upcycled Gift Wrap

So, I hope I've given you a little inspiration :) As always, feel free to comment or add ideas of your own!
Have a wonderful Holiday season all!

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