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Commuter Travelog - A Day in the City

The word 'travel'conjures up the idea of planes and exotic locations, sipping cocktails and sun, but for the daily tra...

Cliona Kelliher 31 Aug, 2017 11

Trip to West Cork - Things to see and do

We're not long back from a trip to West Cork, it's a place I've wanted to explore for some time so I was pretty delighted to s...

Cliona Kelliher 20 Jul, 2017 12

Social Media Bad Practice

So I use social media a LOT. I'm not an expert on engagement or figures but I'm pretty happy with the engagement and followers on m...

Cliona Kelliher 5 Jun, 2017 16

Fun Activities For Teens During School Breaks

Finding stuff for teens to do can be a big challenge. Depending on age, family activities can cease to be in any way appealing. Definitely...

Cliona Kelliher 19 May, 2017 12

Trip on a Barge

It's getting in to Summer season and one of the things we love to do is get out and about and visit places especially in nature. I had...

Cliona Kelliher 14 May, 2017 16