Commuter Travelog - A Day in the City

by - Thursday, August 31, 2017

The word 'travel'conjures up the idea of planes and exotic locations, sipping cocktails and sun, but for the daily traveller, it's a monotonous routine of trains and cars and boredom. This blog post started as a photographic image in my head. The experience of commuting becomes ingrained in your being, a cycle of repetitive journeys where you participate as an automaton, not observing or feeling, just going through the motions again and again.
It made me think of journeys, journeys to work in particular, and how the frenetic pace of our lives is all geared towards that goal of getting to work, performing our tasks, and then getting home again.

And in that process, we use so much energy. Literal energy - we are burning climate-destroying fumes in our cars, in our haste to get where we need to be. Bodily energy - the caffeine induced adrenaline of trying to overcome early starts and force our bodies to keep going. Psychological energy - we are absent, yet not relaxed, hanging on by a thread till the day is over. Tired parents missing their kids, lonely people surrounded by the swell of other bodies. All humans, together yet not connected. This was my day of trying to be present in that experience and looking at how people travel.

The Day Begins
It's always Nine O'Clock
The Walk
Motor or not?

Bicycle Meets Art

Obey the Sign
I can Park though
Or I could scoot...

Walking, walking
First on the Platform
Rinse, Repeat

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  1. Great atmospheric photos, Cliona.

  2. Loved this Cliona the pictures are great

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos - so nice to stop and take in the moment :)

  4. Lovely photos - I used to hate my commute but sometimes it's good to actually look up and appreciate the views!

  5. I like how you point out that daily travel gets boring and we sometimes forget to "stop and smell the roses". That's what your post reminds me of. I will have to try to do that today when I travel. Every now and then we need to check in with the natural world around us, even if its just a train station:)

  6. What a lovely idea. Great photos!

  7. I like the idea of taking notice of what is around you on your commute. Sometimes it's hard to remember.

  8. Loving this commuter experience depiction, the pictures remind me of my pre-driving commuter days

  9. I love how you kept the photos black and white, it brings it to life.