Burtown House and our visit to the Green Barn February 2017

by - Monday, February 27, 2017

I have written about Burtown House before here - Snowdrops at Burtown House but it has been a while since we visited and I was dying to see the newly constructed Green Barn which looked amazing. 

The Green Barn at Burtown House

Welcome sign at Burtown House

I have to say I wasn't disappointed, the building looks quite ordinary from the outside but inside is an absolute dream. Every single aspect of the decor is just perfect, with a vintage eclectic feel and loads of light. There are goods on sale including the Burtown House range of preserves and other craft products.

Vintage Style Dresser at Burtown House

Hanging Lamp Burtown

Colourful Felted Bowls

Dresser and Green Cake Stand

There is a gallery in a side room with prints of botanical art and also paintings on display on the walls.

Botanical Prints at Burtown House Gallery

Bowl and books at Burtown House Gallery

Artist's Desk on display at Burtown House

Artist display Burtown House

Pretty much everything just delights the eye - even on a dull February day, the light coming through the expanse of glass lit up the whole interior with a warm soft glow.

We decided to go for a wander around the grounds before having coffee as rain was imminent at any second. 
As always the gardens are full of life. Teeming with snowdrops and hellebores and dainty primroses, it's consistently pretty and there's so much to catch the eye.

Beech at the Green Barn

Blue Flower at Burtown House

Black Hellebore

Honesty Foliage Burtown House

Pink Flower Burtown House

Pink flower on branch in springtime

Pink Hellebore Burtown House

Purple Crocus Burtown House

Winter Foliage Burtown House

We then went in to have our coffee and this was perhaps the most disappointing part of our visit. I feel that perhaps the owners prefer for people to book and order lunch and that coffee and cake are a bit of an afterthought. I would absolutely love to have lunch there soon but we hadn't booked and coffee and something sweet was all I really wanted anyway.
I didn't actually taste the cheesecake although Mark said it was nice. My brownie was disappointing to be honest. Advertised on the menu as chocolate brownie with ice-cream, it arrived cold with cream. I had expected it warm, although maybe that was just an assumption on my part and I should have asked. However, it was pretty dry and tasteless and we both felt that the price tag of €20 for 2 coffees and two cakes was quite expensive. It might have felt worth it if the cakes were amazing but they were just ordinary.
However, I know that their food is outstanding normally and the last time I had lunch there, the salad was one of the nicest I have ever eaten but I do love my cakes and expected a higher standard.

Baked Cheesecake Green Barn

Chocolate Brownie with Cream at the Green Barn

We will of course be back and hopefully for lunch next time, it's a gorgeous serene place to visit and I won't let my bad brownie experience put me off :)

Have you been to the Green Barn, let me know what you think!

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  1. This looks lovely :) The garden is stunning would love to visit x

  2. This looks like a lovely spot to visit and your photos are absolutely beautiful!

  3. Wonderful to be able to roam out and about, looks fab. Shame about the brownie, a brownie should be of a standard.

  4. It looks lovely there! And I'm a little bit in love with those cases!

  5. What a lovely looking place to visit. Your photos are beautiful

  6. The gardens are beautiful and the cake looks even better. What a lovely selection of botanical prints as well x

  7. What beautiful gardens, and I love the rustic feel to the interior of the building. Glad you enjoyed your visit :) x

  8. Shame about the brownie and cake and that's really expensive for 2 coffees and 2 cakes! But the location looks beautiful and tranquil x

  9. Looks like the perfect place to explore and practice using a camera

  10. Looks perfect and such beautiful gardens shame about the prices xxx

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