Do we discriminate against single people?

This is another guest post that I'm delighted to share and it looks at discrimination against single people when it comes to things like car insurance.
I think it really highlights our assumption that the whole world is paired off into neat little heterosexual couples and maybe we need to start questioning that assumption.

It also gave me the idea to have a regular 'rant' feature because we all need a space to let off steam. If you would like to contribute, just let me know!

'Can anyone tell me why, in a time when it is pretty much accepted that it's unreasonable to discriminate against people, single people are apparently the exception.
Every time I've turned on the radio this week, I've been faced with the Supervalu advert telling me that if I add my partner to my car insurance, I'll get a 25% discount.

While that may be a nice offer for many of you, for me, it's yet another penalty for being single. I manage the costs of running a household alone, all the bills, the rent, the heating, the electricity are all on me. Now, to make things worse, I'm told that if only I had a partner, I would pay almost €200 less car insurance.

How is this not discrimination?

Imagine if, instead of discriminating against single people, an insurer decided to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or skin colour. 'If you're white, you get 25% off. If you're heterosexual, you get 25% off.' That couldn't happen. No advertising team would propose it. No company would broadcast it. (And rightly so!)
But apparently it's ok to discriminate on grounds of relationship status. Probably the company is patting themselves on the back, hoping to poach customers from other insurers in a market where shopping around is now essential just to stay on the road.

Mostly people like me don't complain. We haven't got the time or the energy. We know we've failed in the eyes of society. We know our children are being brought up in families which are regarded as broken. To be honest, I'm too knackered to care what people think, as long as the kids are happy. I can live with my decisions, and would do the same again. I'm not looking for handouts. I work hard to keep things afloat, and I'm doing a good job. But the reality is that life is an endless juggle of work and family. Juggling finances month by month. My family is lucky, we don't have to choose whether to buy food or heating, but I'd be lying if I said it was easy. Life's harder when you don't have another adult to share not just the costs, but the endless taxiing of teenagers and young adults, the emotional crises of exam years. I knew all this before, but now, when I flick on the radio in the car as I drive to work, I want to scream out loud at the blatant discrimination. I'm no sensitive flower. I'm not asking that people don't broadcast things that might offend me. I realise this isn't a conspiracy to make my life harder. But seriously, did any of the advertising team who came up with this consider how galling it is for a single parent to hear?'
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  • rhian westbury
    rhian westbury 10 October 2016 at 09:33

    I completely agree with this. There's always 2 for 1 deals on certain things or bring your partner and receive a discount and things like that and it's almost like saying that people shouldn't be alone. I'm single and I'm happy so don't discriminate against us x

  • Carolin
    Carolin 10 October 2016 at 09:48

    As a single mum, I totally agree with you. There are so many things that are cheaper for couples with children. Quite often, single parents are financially worse of as it is, why put an even bigger strain on them?

  • Tooting Mama
    Tooting Mama 10 October 2016 at 12:59

    I do agree, single people are an easy target, the world still thinks households are made up of couples.

  • Double Trouble in Germany
    Double Trouble in Germany 10 October 2016 at 13:12

    I have never thought it about before, but you make a very good point. It must be incredibly frustrating and as you point out is everywhere on adverts etc.

  • ofaglasgowgirl
    ofaglasgowgirl 10 October 2016 at 21:16

    It seems to be a running theme that if you add your partner to stuff or if you do joint things with your other half you'll get rewards etc... and it's not fair to those who are single at all. It really does need to change.

    Jordanne ||

  • TheHurt
    TheHurt 14 October 2016 at 22:18

    You know what? It's something I never think about, but it's totally true! I understand giving discount on 2nd car, 2nd insurance, 2nd this and that because you're bringing in new custom, but it shouldn't be due to an intimate relationship... Definitely an interesting topic, and my ignorance to it kind of shows how as the non-discriminated party it might be difficult to see the discrimination!

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