Altamont Gardens Carlow Snowdrops in Spring

by - Sunday, February 28, 2016

I've been struggling to settle down to a blog post lately. Tiredness is a real issue for me since my cartotid artery dissection last year (details here - Cartotid Artery Dissection Story).
Fatigue seems to be the last thing to go although I have to say it has improved so much that I'm almost back to normal. Even so, my 3 days in work leave me completely exhausted and I've been spending a lot of weekends sleeping to try and make up for it. It just means it's hard to plan things because I don't really feel up to it. However, last weekend we had a lovely trip to Altamont Gardens in Carlow. We've been loads of times and my favourite time of year to visit is Springtime when the snowdrops are in bloom.

So here's a little glimpse of what you might see at this time of year:

Purple and white crocus

Purple crocus Altamont gardens

Hellebore Altamont Gardens Carlow

When you arrive you just see swathes of crocuses and snowdrops, they are the daintiest of flowers and so beautiful en masse.

It's incredible how many varieties there are and how they are differentiated by the subtlest of markings. From sturdy larger versions, to the tiniest most delicate little things, they are all stunning.

Crocuses and hellebores are plentiful too and you can stroll through the walled garden and choose some plants to take home if you wish. I bought 3 hellebores some years ago, and they have completely thrived in my garden and remind me of Altamont when they flower every Spring.

I was very happy to find out this year that they now have a coffee shop in Altamont - this was definitely the one thing that was lacking before. Unfortunately for us, it wasn't open and will remain closed until Easter. We did get coffee and some lovely soup afterwards in The Forge (very close to Altamont Gardens).  They offer Sunday lunch and not a whole lot of variety on a Sunday due to kitchen restrictions but the soup and bread was perfect. 

The river walk was open again, it had been closed on our previous visit as the weather had been very bad and you could still see that the river was very high but it was lovely to have a good walk.

I really love that stroll by the river and then back up the 100 steps to the garden again

Altamont Gardens are worth a visit anytime of year but I do think this time of year is extra special as the snowdrop season is so short, yet so lovely.

Here are some of the other places we have enjoyed visiting - Places to Visit

Edited 14/03/16 to add - I have now added Altamont Gardens and this blog post to the Touring Ireland and Britain Interactive Map website. Do have a look, lots of ideas on where to visit!

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  1. Lovely photos. I do love snowdrops too and think that their the sweetest flowers! Well apart from sweet peas ;) Would love to visit Altamont gardends too. x

  2. I'd love to find somewhere that had loads of snowdrops locally - they are such a lovely flower.

  3. I would love to visit Altamont Gardens especially since there are so many beautiful photo opportunities and the snowdrops do look incredible. I imagine it to be very peaceful there x

  4. Beautiful photos, I'm glad that you're almost feeling back to normal now x

  5. Oh your photography is stunning! I adore this time of year, with the flowers starting to peep through the ground and life feeling a little brighter. I hope that your fatigue continues to improve xx

  6. Beautiful photos, looks like a stunning place to visit.

  7. oh wow this place looks so pretty I wish it were closer as I would visit for sure

  8. I love snowdrops but haven't seen many this year - really should go out and find them

  9. I think snowdrops are just so beautiful. just as they are about to open x

  10. Such a gorgeous place! Looks very peaceful with so many beautiful flowers! :)

  11. I love spring when all the flowers start to bloom. Everywhere looks so pretty Popping over from Mummy2Monkeys xx

  12. What a beautiful place! I love to see all the flowers that come out in Spring time. Snowdrops are one on my favourites x