Irish Halloween on Etsy

by - Saturday, October 10, 2015

With the spooky season approaching, what better time to check out what's available on Etsy from Ireland?

Already the shops are chock full of decorations and costumes and foodie products but if you're looking for something a little bit different, here are my picks from Irish Etsy shops - I always love to support and share Irish craft and buying from Etsy is helping out small Irish businesses so it's a win win :)

First up are these cool printable invites for the adult parties - make your event Halloween from start to finish with these personalised printables from ArtisanObscure, just supply your address. I really love the look of these!

Check out their Facebook here - Custom Invitations and Prints.

ArtisanObscure Invitation Halloween

If you plan on doing some Halloween baking for the kids, or adults, for that matter, these little cake toppers by Sugarainbow are so cute and I was delighted to discover that this fabulous shop is based in Kilcullen, my home town :)
Here's their Facebook page if you'd like to follow - Sugarainbow Facebook.

Halloween Cake Toppers Sugarainbow

Another super foodie item are these little pumpkin molds from AlrightDesigns, these can be used to make your own which is always handy if you have to take food allergies into account as I do. In fact I've ordered some for myself :) 

Wayne can be found on Pinterest here - Alright Designs on Pinterest.

Alright Designs Pumpkin Molds

Are you Halloween obsessed? Well then, this might just be the thing for you - a funny t-shirt from Elephantees. Suitable for men or women and there's a great buy 3/get 4th free offer on.

Elephantees T-shirt for Halloween.

I love the idea of decorations that you can take out year after year, much better for your pocket and for the environment. This beautiful bunting by OhSewIreland is something I would love for my house- it's 1.5m long and double sided and would look great over a door or fireplace.
You can find OhSew on Facebook here - OhSewIreland Facebook.


I have featured MilieNailsCreation before because she does the most gorgeous nail decals, there's literally something for everyone and the Halloween decals are fab - from skeletons to blood to these spooky spiders, they're all perfect to finish off your Halloween look.
Here's MilieNails on Facebook - MilieNailsCreation

Halloween Nail Decal MilieNailsCreation

The kids need a bag, right?
I think that they would be extremely happy with this one from KraftyBaggers, not only is it enormous but it is personalised with your child's name which is cool and saves any confusion over who got what :)

KraftyBaggers are on Instagram and Facebook.
Halloween Bag KraftyBaggers

Last but definitely not least is this Barm Brack recipe and Charms by HomespunIreland. I really like the fact that it's celebrating 'Oíche Shamhna'. So much of our celebration of Halloween is influenced by the American traditions and it's nice to keep the Irish origins alive too.

Barm Brack Recipe HomespunIreland

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  1. Wow you obviously embrace the Halloween season full on - great post with some fab goodies. I'll also be heading over to your Etsy shop for a little looksee around.
    Sammy x

  2. Thanks for posting this, this takes care of The kids need a bag!

  3. Lovely Halloween items, I especially love the Halloween bunting! Great to see Etsy shops promoted :)

  4. I quite like that bunting, which surprised me because usually I'm not into Halloween so much. But the bunting could just swing it :)

  5. I really like the cake toppers - an easy way to add some Halloween fun. The pumpkin moulds are the sort of thing that you can use again and again too.

  6. I am not a huge fan of Halloween, sadly. But your nails look fantastic. And I like the idea of a tote bag to carry all the sweeties.

  7. These are interesting Ideas. I've been thinking about halloween but ive been too unwell to really plan anything this year..but i've got some great ideas in mind for next time!

  8. It's so nice of you to make an effort to support Etsy shops from your own country. Such a great idea! xx

  9. I'm not very good at halloween, I hate dressing up and usually stuck in marking and not bieng a good sport! I'll definitely have to bare this post in mind in the future though! :) x

  10. I absolutely love Hallowe'en. I cannot wait to decorate the whole house and dress up with the kids.

  11. Ooh I love Etsy, and that little bag is perfect for Halloween. Baby would love it x

  12. I know a few people that would love the Halloween shirt and even if they don't admit it they are completely obsessed with the season. You know those shops that are only open for a month or two for Halloween or xmas they are those people who sit there and buy everything a year early!

  13. Great collection of things here, I could buy the T-shirts for a couple of my friends :). I really should make more effort to buy things from Etsy I love the uniqueness of it and you are right its great to support local businesses. Maybe I will be do some Christmas shopping on there in the coming weeks - thank you for the inspiration x

  14. The pumpkin mold is epic! I really want it. I always forget about etsy when I'm looking for stuff - my mistake!

  15. The pumpkin mold is epic! I really want it. I always forget about etsy when I'm looking for stuff - my mistake!

  16. You have some great suggestions here, I can't wait to start planning our halloween and buying baby costumes! Xx

  17. Fab collection of Halloween things! I love the cake toppers & the crafty baggers bag. I can't believe it's nearly Halloween already x

  18. Halloween is my faaaavourite! I love the bunting.I would genuinely leave it up all year round.

  19. What a great selection of items, I love the trick or treat bag. All the items you have selected are lovely xx

  20. Oh these are brilliant!!! I love the Obsessive Halloween Disorder one, I definitely need that lol. I love Etsy, so many unusual things! xx

  21. Wow I love it all, but especially the cake toppers those are amazing! I love Halloween :)

  22. We celebrate Samhain, I'll be making Barm Brack as part as part of rememberance.

  23. Oh my gosh I love those nails! So much fun :D :D

  24. These are great ideas. Looking forward to trying some of these ideas.