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Well, it's taken me a while but here is part two of my focus on Irish crafters on Etsy - if you missed part one which was looking at fashion, here it is Irish Fashion Finds.
Again, there was such a wealth of beautiful items, it was really hard to choose so I tried to select a mix of different things and crafters.
One item that really caught my eye was this gorgeous quilt from LiveLoveSmile - the colours are so vivid and rich, it would be perfect in any home, either for a splash of colour in a minimalist room, or blended with lots of other rich hues.

Handmade quilt rich colours

Next I thought I'd look for some nice pottery. Ireland has a great reputation where pottery is concerned but for me, I find that shops tend to go for the safe option and I only ever really see the big names. Personally I prefer pottery that's a little bit quirky and fresh and it only takes a little searching to find some amazing talent from all over Ireland.
These gorgeous little cups are just the kind of thing I like, simple and bright, with delicate colour tones and each one is unique. They are available from CniCeramics, based in Limerick.

Blue/Green Espresso Cups Handmade

I was well into my search before I spotted these Cutlery Pockets but I'm so glad I didn't miss them, I think they're adorable and there are other options to choose from on Beadsnbrooches.

Handmade cutlery pockets beadsnbrooches

Next I chose a vintage item - A vintage handpainted wooden box, so pretty! I love the primrose yellow colour and the shabby chic style. Have a look at the Carraigmore shop for this and lots of other vintage finds.

Vintage Wooden Box Carraigmore

Finally featured in the blog is CraftyIsland, with a selection of wooden products, often from reclaimed materials, they have a soft natural look that really appealed to me. The Wooden Tea Light Holder has a really rustic look, very simple yet elegant. The Driftwood Wall Clock is gorgeous, made from driftwood found at Doonbeg beach.

Driftwood clock Craftyisland

Wooden Tea Light Holder CraftyIsland

I hope you like the items featured, my full treasury can be seen here on Etsy - Irish Style Home and don't forget to check out my own shop where I am still running my free shipping on tin candles offer, just until the end of February, so don't miss out!

**Photos are printed with permission from the owners**

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