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Inspired by the fact that I was featured as one of the 5 favourite Etsy shops on here - 5 Favourite Etsy Stores, I decided to do a little feature on Etsy.

 I think it is still very much an unknown here in Ireland. It's a fantastic marketplace for handcrafted goods, vintage and craft supplies. I've bought from Etsy so many times because I love the fact that I'm supporting small producers but also because it's absolutely the best place to get an unusual gift, whether it's something personalised, a one of a kind or a geekery gift, you're pretty sure to find it on Etsy. One of my recent purchases was a treat to myself of a phone cover. I'm a big Doctor Who fan so this is perfect for me :)
Alice in Wonderland and Doctor Who iPhone cover

I also bought this as a present for my husband a while back, it's a perfect little iphone holder, so simple yet clever!
Bamboo iPhone holder

Today, however, I'm just focusing on Irish Etsy shops as a follow on to my Buy Local post. There's an amazing array of fashion, jewellery, homewares and more! I couldn't possibly cover it all here so I'm just going to look at some fashion items in this post. A little tip - if you put 'craftyirelandteam' in the search box on Etsy, this will bring up all the Irish shops on the Etsy Ireland Team. Also check out the Etsy Ireland Facebook Page, they showcase Irish products regularly.

One of the first things that really caught my eye was this beautiful dress coat - at €448.67, it's at the pricier end of the market, but it really is a stunning investment item.
Butterfly Dress Coat BelindaSullivan on Etsy

It is available here in Belinda Sullivan's shop - Belinda Sullivan.

Another absolutely gorgeous item is this handknitted dress available from Koticza 

Handknitted dress from Koticza on Etsy
The colour is just amazing and it looks so soft, I've added this to my own favourites!

If you're looking for vintage style, check out DeirfiurVintage,  a great selection of bags and clothes, I really liked this dress and bag from her shop:
Vintage Dress from Deirfiur on Etsy

Vintage bag from Deirfiur on Etsy

And for more affordable fashion, I loved this hat from Corcra

Green Hat from Corcra on Etsy

I have created a treasury list for these and more which you can check out here - Irish Style and of course don't forget to have a look at my own shop for present ideas or just a treat for yourself. I'm offering free shipping on all tin candles until end of February - just use coupon code PB270114 to get your discount.

In my next post I'll have a look at some of the fab homewares available from the Irish Team.

** All photos used are with permission from owner**

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