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Visit to Heywood Gardens in Laois

So last week was my birthday - and my first birthday post autism diagnosis, so for that reason, it felt somewhat like a bit of a milestone....

Cliona Kelliher 13 Aug, 2022

Finishing my Master's and some Autism Thoughts

It was hard to put a title on this one because it's really just a collection of random thoughts but I wanted to talk about my Master&#3...

Cliona Kelliher 7 Aug, 2022

Sustainable Development Goals Advocacy, Dialogue and Personal Development

To be honest, this is going to be a bit of a rambly post and I'm not sure the title captures fully what I am trying to say but that&#39...

Cliona Kelliher 12 Jun, 2022 1

Getting an Autism Diagnosis as an Adult

So this is not news to a lot of people as I had been slowly telling friends that I was pursuing an autism diagnosis and last week it was off...

Cliona Kelliher 28 May, 2022 2

Ecocide - A Case for Implementation

This post was originally an academic assignment but as I worked my way through it, I became very convinced that implementing ecocide as a cr...

Cliona Kelliher 6 May, 2022

A Medieval Trip to Tipperary and Leap Castle in Offaly

There's something so great about a road trip where you can go anywhere and take your time. I did a recent road trip to Tipperary with my...

Cliona Kelliher 18 Apr, 2022