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Purity Belle Soy Candles, Mothers' Day Gift Ideas and Upcycling

I've been working a lot on my candle stock and shop lately so I thought I'd give a wee update! Mother's Day is coming up so I ...

Cliona Kelliher 13 Mar, 2017 9

My Week in Pictures - September

If I could sum up the last week, the one word I'd use would be tiredness, not a great word to sum up a week perhaps but it hasn't...

Cliona Kelliher 8 Sept, 2015 7

How to Care for Your Soy Candles

In this post I'm going to look a little bit at candle care in general and show some of my own candles, so that you can make the best ...

Cliona Kelliher 29 Aug, 2014 11