Saving Two Birds With One Gift, Christmas And Wildlife Aid

This is the first of a few posts with some ethical ideas for Christmas Shopping. I realise it is early yet but the more organised amongst us are already starting to prepare! Ideally, we should all be reducing our consumption and waste but sometimes it is hard to avoid buying an actual present and this first blog post is all about Irish wildlife/ecological organisations who will definitely benefit from your spending power.  (If you click into the names of the organisations it will bring you directly to the shop).

First up is the Irish Peatland Conservation Council. I'm a little bit obsessed with peatland conservation, I think it is a very integral part of our carbon emission reduction goals and I have seen first hand the amazing work they do in the Bog of Allen nature centre. Their shop also offers nature gifts which will help with the work they do such as 'Offset Your Carbon Footprint The Bog Way.'
For actual physical gifts I have picked a couple I like - the first are these gorgeous leaf designs on tiles. They are €30 each with the two options of green or yellow leaf.

Next up is this cute bird feeder, not only can you help the birds by putting food out, but you can observe all the different species arriving in your garden.

IPCC Shop Wooden Bird Feeder
 For some little stocking fillers you could buy a cotton reusable bag:
IPCC Save the Bogs Cotton Bag

Next up is Birdwatch Ireland and they have some really gorgeous gift ideas:

These cups really caught my eye, they are beautifully designed and elegant and priced at €7.50, I think they would be a lovely small gift or stocking filler.

I also loved the range of soft toys for kids (or adults I guess!). This little cutie is just €9.00, so again very reasonable and a nice little stocking filler.

Soft Bird Toy Birdwatch Ireland

Also, the clothing range is fab, there are t-shirts and hoodies which are bird themed and printed on demand, in a renewable energy powered factory. They are made from organic cotton and there are lots of designs to choose from.

Puffin t-shirt Birdwatch Ireland

Bird Hoodie Birdwatch Ireland

Seal Rescue Ireland is another fantastic organisation. They are based in Wexford and what they do is rescue orphaned, injured or sick seal pups from around the coast and rehabilitate them so that they can be released to the wild once more.
There isn't a shop in 2020 but you can adopt a seal - the price is from €30 - €100 (adopting 5 seals). You will get a personalised certificate of adoption and the full rescue story of your seal, as well as a link and password to see regular updates.

All of the above organisations have options where you can donate or buy something which is not an actual physical product and this is a great option, both in terms of reducing waste and in supporting ecology and wildlife.

Another suggestion is to 'Adopt a Donkey' This is just €25.00 a year and you get a certificate, a pencil drawing, a bio sheet and twice yearly reports. This is a wonderful way to help the Donkey Sanctuary in Ireland and provide them with much needed help to their funding.

Donkey Sanctuary Ireland Adopt a Donkey

I hope this post has given you some ideas and please do let me know in the comments if you have any other suggestions or favourite wildlife organisation.

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