Day at a market

I was at a market this Saturday gone by at St. David's Church grounds in Naas. It's a beautiful place and I had to take some photos -
St. David's Church, Naas, Co. Kildare
St. David's Church Naas
One of the doors of St. David's Church, Naas, Co. Kildare
The church is elegant and graceful, a total gem that I had never even seen before, despite it being so close to home - here's a little bit of its background:

Amazing to think that so much history is on our doorstep sometimes and we don't have the time or will to experience it properly.
Anyway, whilst there, I was really struck by the huge effort that had gone into making the Fair a success. Clearly many many hours had been spent preparing and making everything right and it worked because the day was really successful and busy, with a great atmosphere.
I really think that in these economically difficult times, a sense of community is totally necessary. To see people working together and supporting local business is really heartening for me and St. David's definitely had the sense of people trying to achieve a common goal and all in a cheerful and efficient way! So big thumbs up from me for the St.David's event :)

I also had a brilliant time chatting to my lovely neighbours, one of whom was Fiona Finlay - you can see her Etsy shop here:

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