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I've had a blissful morning making candles and also doing a garden tidy. I'm having such a yearning for flowers this year - maybe it's the gloomy economy and bad weather we've had over winter but I really want to see colour and light for a change! Here's a picture of a lovely tulip in my garden, the colour just warms my heart :)
Yellow tulip in Spring

Today I tried something new - little aromatherapy melts. I've done melts before but these are pure soya and lavender essential oil. Totally natural, you can just pop them in an oil burner and let the wax melt and release the fragrance and calming effect of the lavender. I'm hoping to do a full range of essential oil candles soon but it will take some time to test them as the essential oils can react strangely with the soya wax sometimes.
So a bit of work is needed but in the meantime, these little melts are a great way to do some initial testing. 
Little soy wax melts with lavender essential oil

Finally for today I've been making some beeswax candles. I absolutely love beeswax - the smell, the colour, the texture, all beautiful! However I've been putting off making the candles because they're a wee bit tricky. Getting the wick size right is difficult because every beeswax is different.  I've tried some new ones today and hopefully they'll work or at least give me an idea of where to go. Also the melting point is quite high so there's quite a possibility of getting burnt and indeed I did get a couple of splashes on my hand but nothing too bad thankfully :)  I have these little Curragh Pottery Cups ready for testing and if they work out, I'll be putting them up on my Etsy shop (see tab at top) and will have them at markets soon.
Little espresso size cup candles in beeswax

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