My new website

I have a facebook page, twitter, etsy shop and now . . . at last I have my website. So this is my first post and I just want to get the ball rolling. Over the next few weeks hopefully I can start to put some shape to the website and keep it updated. For now here are some of my latest candles.

Citrus delight in recycled yoghurt jar
This one is Citrus Delight in a recycled yoghurt jar.

Fluffy Marshmallow poured into Bavarian china tea cup
This is Fluffy Marshmallow poured into Bavarian china tea cup

Round pillar candle glows in the dark
There is a nice glow from this Chocolate & Mint pillar candle

Hexagonal pillar candle
This heagonal pillar candle has a lovely rose scent.

Two small jar candles
 These small jar candles are called Sunshine & Lollipops

Square pillar rose candle
This is a square pillar rose scented long burner

Small cup candles
 These miniature ceramic cups are made in local pottery. I used Very Berry scent in these ones.

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